Friday, 29 August 2014

Monday, 14 July 2014


Actually ended up in the sea this time, just outside Hastings then took a swing round the coast to Folkstone, up to Cantebury and Whitstable too late for the seafood and back home. Found out

 1. I reckon I can do 250-400 miles a day with a few breaks. Europe is not out of the question.
 2. A hard tail with a sprung seat isn't dissimilar to a fairly knackered monoshock.
 3. The Kent coast is wide, panoramic, windy and full of caravan parks. Not as good place to potentially move as Kent inland a bit which is quite magical in places.
 4. If I stand on the pegs I can do scrambling on a hard tail.
 5. A bike and a mate with a bike is like being 19 again.
 6. My speedo has been lying to me since the last world cup. It says it is going a lot faster than it is. It is the Lance Armstrong of the speedo world.
 7. If I give a proper chopper doctor free reign to put a chopper together properly for me it becomes a useable bike. Cheers Taff@Bikeshed in Waterlooville

Friday, 11 July 2014


The combination of this all feeling a bit beyond me a load of work and a tax rebate led me to seek out a proper chopper doctor. Through someone selling a similar bike on Ebay I found Taff at Bikeshed in Waterlooville. He replaced the engine with a much more powerful GPZ750 and totally rewired the bike. After having a bike I could only trust as far as the shops for years its great to finally have something useable.

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