Sunday, 21 March 2010


Not really my sort of thing but definately someones, here are two really beautifully finished bikes for sale in the UK at the moment.

A raked out Triumph with a spotless engine, currently commanding bids upwards of five grand.

And a pretty American looking Chop based around an Enfield 500 engine. The owner says it is from 1992 which presumably means it is Indian? So why the jockey shift?

Not sure I could get on with that or the handlebars. A real show quality bike though. I saw loads of trick Enfields running around party central in Goa. Sadly I can't find any pictures online. Long term residents fly over with mono shocks, or get the local Sikh mechanics to hard tail the frames. I wouldn't like to ride a hard tail on Indian roads myself but I am sure fortune favours the brave.

UPDATE: I found one picture from Goa, posted as "The most horrible Enfield in Goa". I quite like it actually.

Friday, 12 March 2010


I always thought "Bobber" meant you had the luxury of a sprung seat on your hard tail, that you bobbed up and down a bit as you went along. A quick googling session has turfed up any number of definitons, which would bother me if I gave a fuck. Anyway here is some amazing looking hardware which is magnetising my index finger toward the" bid" button. One shoulder imp says "You have no use for a motorcycle" over and over like a mantra, the other one is going "Bid! Bid! Bid!" They both look like devils though.

A really stylish machine based on a Kawasaki Z550 on ebay here

With a hard tail and a GSXR750 engine someone is in for a very hairy ride on ebay here

My favourite of the current crop combines everything I like in a Britsh built chopper. Retro looks, short wheel base, foot-rests in a non-insane position and a usable modern Japanese engine which still looks like an engine and isn't festooned with garish lumps of water cooling everywhere like those stupid factory V-Twins the Japanese make.

Thursday, 11 March 2010


As I have said before when it comes to chops I am not really into Harleys at all but this one really caught my eye on Ebay. It's sort of really subtle but futuristic in a way chop builders sometimes attempt but usually make a complete dogs dinner out of. Bidding just cleared five grand... I couldn't park something as pretty as this where I live!


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I had to indulge my inner eleven year old again to post this. Someone has turned a truly horrible bike, the CB500T into an object of beauty. The only thing I'd be worried about here is the CB500T-ness of this bike, namely the dubious engine and brakes. It shouldn't be too complicated to find some new wheels with discs on them. I wonder if an old British engine would fit in this frame?


First posted on my main blog here

Summers here and I have again developed the disturbing habit of watching mainly Japanese engined British made Choppers on ebay. I never liked Harleys even before all the idiot advertising people in Soho started buying them. I can't stand these overblown, overpriced glitzy American chops you see on those satellite TV programs either but there is something about a simple, stripped down British made hardtail which has had my blood pumping since I was a greasy haired 11 year old Motorhead fan.

There are a thousand reasons why I shouldn't buy one. I live in London, which people struggle to get round on trail bikes let alone feet forward nightmares with zero back suspension. I don't need a motorbike to get around London and if I wanted to go any further than the M25 it'd be much more sensible to buy a conventional road bike. My back is already a bit fucked and my shoulder. No suspension? Reach forward riding position? Great idea. Where would I park it? The summer will be over soon and would I want to ride one in winter?

All of these reasons are seriously challenged by my heart strings and the fact that I am a bit of an impulsive fucker and have wanted one of these my whole life . Somebody stop me.

Fairly modern GSX600 engine, went for a grand and a half. I even like the red frame though I would want a sprung saddle.

Slightly less painful riding position. Seriously pretty XVS650 went on ebay for two grand

An unfinnished XS650 project sold for a grand.

A crazy looking one off project based around a Suzuki 750 engine this has got a hand made tank, welded chain built into the front of the frame and the wheels are fifteen inches across. Sold for six hundred quid. I am not sure I could get it on the road though- or round bloody corners when it was there come to think of it!

Reliability issues and the fact that I am not a good mechanic would probably put me off buying an old British engined chop, but they do sound bloody sexy and if you can keep them going they always hold their price.

My favourite, with a Z750 engine, the same owner for the last 11 years, taxed and tested- didn't sell, and I kept the guys number. No indicators, no mirrors, arms in the air so no chance of looking over your shoulder and I'd have to ride it back from the Scottish border. Maybe my mum dropped me on my head when I was a baby. Its strange because my parents were actually really sensible people, both of them. I think I need to be tied up. Help!