Wednesday, 29 September 2010


With a sprung saddle and lower bars this would be great. Nice colour too. How come everyone doesn't buy these? A GS1000 chop on ebay here

(image links to the auction)

Tuesday, 21 September 2010


Hey nice to have a bike again. Is there some sort of competition for the most fucked up electrics? Check out the screws fitting my points to the plate.

I gave up trying to stuff the rectifier Bo sent me where it doesn't want to go. It now sits encased in a bit of inner tube in front of the battery.

and the regulator is underneath. Any problems? I'll let you know.

Monday, 20 September 2010


I have totally resisted temptation to post bikes I consider to be ugly here, mainly because a lot of bikers are a lot bigger and hairier than I am. Then along comes a bike I am genuinely undecided about, but which just has to be included in a blog called "japchop". I bet it goes like shit off a shovel too and the handling cant be much compromised from the machine it was based on either- a funky GSXR1100 err.. thing with upside down forks on ebay here.


This looks like a slightly more raked out version of my bike. Sort of anyway.
Sold for £1421.

Sunday, 19 September 2010


The BSA below with bandit forks sold for just over £1700 which is a bargain.

plus to save face a little for the Jap bikes here is a really interesting project on ebay. With a GS500 engine and GSXR running gear this is going to be a really individual ride. Sold for £840

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Battle of Britain

I know this blog is called "japchop" but the Brits are doing it big styley on ebay at the moment. This is not something I'd be inclined to ride, I'd like to hear it tickover though. Is that perverse? This has got a hell of a lot of character hasn't it. A 1958 AJS from the seventies on ebay here. Raked out to fuck but its actually still got some back suspension. I hope someone wants to keep it on the road. No V5, no reg, no frame number.. Now Dave... step away from the bid button..

Monday, 13 September 2010


Again, most of what I can see on ebay at the moment is making me bring up my breakfast, but whilst not being Japanese, this is something special worth posting. Exhausts are a bit long and I'd have to take off the forward foot controls otherwise this is pretty close to it eh? The original triumph tank just sets it off. I'd love to have a bike with a "C" reg plate. On Ebay here sold for £2,767.

If I think a lot of chops on ebay are ugly, that is absolutely nothing when compared to a glance at what people call trikes. I thought I'd post this one cos it made me laugh- for the right reasons. On ebay here a cool VW engined trike with half of a VW still attached!

Saturday, 11 September 2010


More from So'full:

... After school, I worked at a custom Harley shop for a while, and decided that I really couldn’t stand the $60,000 glitter-biscuit bikes, and hated the dudes who rode them even more. I started Medusa Cycles to be the anti-“that.” ...

Friday, 10 September 2010


Hey its good that this bike is only a toy, cos otherwise no spark for two weeks would vex me eh. My electrowhizz friend Greg (born-in-a-lab-coat) set about it with a multi tester for about an hour and got the spark back. I almost got the hang of what he was doing with the multi-tester too. Almost.

It has been funny having bike blues introduce me to Zen and the Art.. I had just read a passage earlier referring to how the romantic brain clashes with the classical brain (artiness vs boffindom). There is some thing coming about when the two meet. If you know what it is DON'T SPOIL IT! It's maybe encouraging me to look for the inner boffin, or some inner awareness which might appear more practical than spiritual. I am heading back into serious mediation in a coupla weeks. This is an interesting run up.

I've had more encouraging correspondence from Demark (for technoboffins- on the kz650 forum here). Not quite out of the woods, but I have been made aware of a coupla chop doctors in various locations who are affordable so maybe I'll have some more rigorous checks done by professionals yet, although finding something so useful to do with the internet has almost got me into the idea of picking up a broken Z650 for the hell of putting it back together like some of the bikes on the forum. I just saw this on ebay. I haven't quite taken leave of my senses enough yet, although for experimenting with the bike inside an out without fear of fuck ups maybe its actually a sensible idea? Maybe I could do a job lot with the Moggy Minor in the back of the picture.

I have also been looking at double seats on ebay for a few weeks. Sitting the bike outside my kitchen window and brooding made me wonder how easy it would be to make my own- and then one of my neighbours popped past having just graduated in textiles looking for a project to do with leather! I've got all sorts of ideas for a double with the back seat having a built in spring... hmmm.


One of those new Triumph 900s went for a ride out of the bike park last night. The owner forgot to put her disc lock on and got a phone call from the insurance company this morning. the Police found it not too far away in Bermondsey. Hmm. That's not why I've moved my bike outside the front door. I've moved it so I can be next to the internet to have one last go at fixing it before sending it off to the chopper doctor.

Manual check.
Internet check.
Head Torch check. (needed to see into the depths of the chrome box of electrical bits)
Notepad check.
Tools check.
Multimeter check.

Oh and I have also been reading this hoping it will help. I found it on the doorstep the other day and thought someone here was taking the piss out of me. Turns out I actually lent it to them and they were returning it. I have had maybe six or seven goes at this book before and never got past the first two pages. With my bike in trouble I've got a little further and I am pleased to find that it isn't actually one of those new age books at all.


Another take altogether on custom biking from I think thats a GSXR under there somewhere

Monday, 6 September 2010

Past Tense..

Another standard bike we used to love at the end of the eighties. Technology wise this was supposed to the the ultimate in line four just as Honda thought they were abandoning it for the vee four which made it cheap second hand very quickly. I rode a friends one of these and was surprised at how high off the ground I was. This one is on ebay here.

Greatest Ever Motorcycles: Honda CB 750 Video at

Greatest Ever Motorcycles: Honda CB 750 Video at


From an interview with "Low Rider Tommy" (who painted the bike in Princes' film Purple Rain) on the excellent So' Full Garage here

...And why the Jap bikes, as opposed to American V-twins, Trumps or Beezers?
There were a number of reasons really, now that I look back at it. I was pretty turned off by the leaking and vibration of the HD's at the time. They just didn't feel comfortable to me for some reason.
From that first ride I took on my buddies 750, I was really taken by the performance and smoothness of the 750. Although, at the time I don't think I realized it but I also think it was sort of like doing something a little different than the norm.
I knew a guy that had told me time and again that building a 750 Honda chop was much easier than a Triumph, because there was so much more after market stuff available for them than the Trumps.
So, I bought his ‘71 Bonneville and built what I called “Turnabout” with the reversed head.
Although, that bike was far from what I'd consider a show bike, it did well wherever it went. From Canada to Daytona Beach it was a crowd pleaser. Most people knew something was different, but they just couldn't tell what it was.
Actually, I did a few Triumphs back in the ‘80s...just not nearly as many as the 750 Hondas.
I remember back about 10 years ago, people would say to me, “why do you wanna waste your time chopping a jap bike?” Now everyone and there brothers uncle is chopping jap bikes and proud of it. To what do you attribute this shift in attitude?
I think a lot of it is because you get a lot of bang for your buck with these bikes. Most guys just want to ride, and ride a kool looking bike. These are the easiest way to achieve that without taking out a loan for $30k. We can let our imagination flow and get what we are after without paying for it for the next 7 years...

also gleaned from So-Full- The Stampede

...The Stampede is dangerous, illegal, immoral, wrong, kinda stupid, and should not be ridden by anyone at all. It is all-out madness, many people have blown up their motors, broke down, been stranded in the middle of nowhere, been pulled over, broken frames, flat tires, gotten lost, wrecked, broken bones, and even killed, not to mention all of the lesser inconveniences, such as being completely soaked to the skin, sunburned, trying to avoid tornados, dodging traffic, staying away from Johnny Law, running out of gas and pushing for miles, and generally keeping the rigid monstrosity you so deftly appointed for the task running continually for such a long stretch. It is hard-core by it's very nature. Serious as a toothache. The Stampede is a CHOPPER race. It's not the Love Ride, it's not a HOG rally, and it's not anything like any other cross country ride you have heard of...

Saturday, 4 September 2010

What I am dealing with...

More of the effect..

A pair of Honda 750s. There is actually a manual for chopping one of these. They must have been very popular in the states- lots of them at

Wednesday, 1 September 2010


I remember this was on ebay a while back when I first started looking out for a chop. A Honda 750 with an interesting paint job on ebay here.


More geographic stupidity, this time as much in height as length -from Japan...

From the BSH blog here