Sunday, 24 October 2010


Haven't seen one of these on ebay for a while. When they are done right they always seem to reach a higher price than most Jap chops, and this one is done right eh.

Saturday, 23 October 2010


A mean looking CB900 sold for £1740.


A really nicely finished BSA twin sold for £2800

Still coughing spluttering and back firing. Still looking good. But that's enough about me..

Monday, 4 October 2010


Another GSthou with really nice slash cut pipes sold for £1490. This would probably be as loud as mine.

And another Suzuki- a GSX750 with a spare engine on a skateboard...

Saturday, 2 October 2010


cross posted from my main blog

Ishmahil asked me to do the Q and A with Mousah Brown and himself at Riverside Studios so I thought I'd try my newly fixed bike for a night ride. Right. Crawling down the Kings Rd it completely cut out in the middle of the road. The traffic was moving so slowly I didn't bother anyone so once I got it started again I left it running for a bit with the lights off to charge the battery. This bike hates rush hour in a really amusing way if you are not late, which I was. I tried a few roads to find The Riverside and ended up having to wheel the bike down a cycle lane. I watched the film with a mixture of nerves about answering questions afterwards and nerves about trying to get my bike home.

When it was all over my motorised pessimism was extinguished as my bike came to life with a roar, but it soon turned into a splutter as I headed down through Putney and got totally lost. I was alone in the dark with what sounded like a loudly popping moped. It seemed to sort itself when I realised where I was again around Brixton. I thought it was quite a successful night and I got home without having to ring the breakdown service.

My first guess is one of the fucked up screws has made the points come loose. Its been too wet to find out though. Chatting with a mechanic in the States on the Z650 forum he came up with a neat looking piece of kit which does away with the points system altogether and doesn't look that hard to fit. There seems to be a whole load of aftermarket bits to make old Jap fours a bit more up to date. I know I just replaced the points and condesors but this is only a hundred quid and I reckon its worth a go for a reliable bike.