Sunday, 26 June 2011


Got back from Cornwall three weeks ago and this is the first day it hasn't rained. I am still off the road with a broken clutch cable but will hopefully sort that if I get time next week. I found a very interesting project just past Vauxhall called Oval Motorcycle Centre where you can pay them some cash and they teach you to fix your own bike. They fixed my clutch cable up gratis, shame I forgot to put the adjuster on first. I am going to go back to do my fork seals before the MOT is up next month. In a year I might have done 600 miles. Hopefully will do a bit more before the next MOT or maybe the aliens will come back in 2012 and turn it into an interstellar jet bike.

UPDATE: I tried to get over there and the gear lever fell off. the grip is sort of gnarled away on the inside. I tried to shim it with a bit of beer can and it fell to pieces. I called Oval to see if they had any ideas- they said try Heinekein!

Meanwhile here is some more nice stuff I have seen on ebay. Images link to the auctions.