Tuesday, 19 July 2011


It might stop raining for a couple of hours!

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Monday, 18 July 2011


Well it feels like a new year with a fresh new MOT on the bike. I went down to Oval Motorcycle Centre to fix my fork seals. Took rather longer than I thought it would, which ended up costing more money but was definitely worth it to me cos I learned loads about forks, fork seals wheels and brakes in the process. I had a few problems which would have really stumped me had I been alone and having the correct tools and expertise on hand was just what I needed so what might have cost me now will save me in the long run. Its high time I learnt to fix motorbikes and this is the easy way.

Fork seals done on Saturday I played dodge the raindrops today heading back down to Neil at Uralmoto opposite Brands Hatch to oggle at his Harleys and do the MOT. I'm not really into Harleys as is pretty obvious by now, but if I was I would definately prefer an old one to a new one, and Neil has an original electra glide in blue from 1965 as well as a load of others modern and classic.

Today is the most miles I have done since I picked up the bike and took it for an MOT this time last year. The first time I have had to fill up twice on a journey. I was almost hitting seventy miles an hour at some points down the A20. Was a bit scary especially over the bumps. Maybe I'll ride some more this year. happy new Year everyone.