Wednesday, 26 September 2012


Finally running. Wrong end of the summer I know but I was busy in what built up to seven days a week on the Olympics. Mainly the opening and closing ceremonies, and mainly the rehearsals for them in sunny Dagenham. Everyone was so sick of the place it was funny. It was like being in the desert when it rained people were getting trenchfoot and when it was hot there was no place to hide.

This picture was from The Sun newspaper (who owe me money but thats another story) This was them spoiling the surprise of the quite badly remembered closing ceremony of the Olympics. I saw it in the paper and thought how come I am not in it? Then I remembered I had put my t-shirt over my head cos it was so hot. That is me below council estate spice who is now the only sexy one. The guy in the white is the human cannonball who was really the star of the whole show.

Anyway we tried the bike with a car battery after sitting around for a whole year and low and behold it started. I was surprised it wanted to. I took it for a spin down the road and had some nice complaints from the neighbours. It didn't really like running and needs some tweaking. Also I had a look in the tank and it has too much rust to continue without sorting that first. I am not in a hurry, am glad all is not lost and will potter around on it. Who knows I might even ride it.
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