Monday, 24 June 2013


Well summer is here, so get yourself on the road like I finally have. Am in love with my bike again!

an XS100 chop on ebay and no one bids! Why isn't this front page news? This is a fucking travesty! There will be a stewards inquiry surely?

This one is parked up in a lay-by somewhere in Romania. Not my sort of thing but definitely Japanese and defo a chop.

If I didn't have my bike I'd buy this one. (image links to auction)

Chopper Insurance

Well a whole year later...

For a year I just kept running the engine every so often but haven't been insured cos I had no time to sort the bike and didn't need it in winter. When I got around to getting insurance quotes I found that Carole Nash have moved out of insuring modified bikes, or maybe it is just my bike. I rang round everyone and no one wanted to insure a modified bike parked on a private street in South East London.

I was wondering if all these databases are linked, as a bike with just a steering lock was stolen from this street a few years ago. It was a fairly new Triumph but judging from where it was found it was obvious kids stole it rather than any pro bike thieves. I can't imagine a pro bike thief wanting to steal my bike.

Once I changed the details on my quote and said I wanted to ride it to work at various London venues things got madder still. Now I am paying fifty quid more than I paid for TPF+T for Third party only insurance! Ah well. I think I will take my lock with me when I ride it to work. Its good to be back on the road!